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Elevating Spaces, Inspiring Elegance

Molekules, an innovative interior design studio and Interior Design and Architecture firm, turns grand visions into exquisitely functional spaces. With an innate flair for impeccable taste and style, we specialize in crafting luxury homes and commercial interiors customized to the unique preferences of our diverse clientele, serving all over India.

Simplicity epitomizes true sophistication. At Molekules, we are dedicated to capturing our clients’ essence and space’s spirit. We firmly believe that the beauty of exquisite design should not be a luxury; it should be accessible to all. Grace and elegance aren’t just ideals but are inherent in every detail we create. We cater to those who desire to live artfully in spaces that enhance their sense of self.

Our brand signifies the fusion of global refinement and indigenous design sensibilities, drawing inspiration from both contemporary and traditional interior design. In just over fifteen years, we’ve expanded our presence across India, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan. In this relatively short time, we’ve successfully completed over 900 projects, and we’re committed to delivering many more.

At Molekules, we’ve been crafting stunning residential, commercial, and retail spaces since 2005. Our hallmark is simplicity, refinement, and a commitment to minimalism.

We create spacious, tasteful homes that balance form and function. Our designs engage the senses, evoke emotions, and add joy to life. Our team of turnkey interior designers ensures seamless execution.

Quality and efficiency are our hallmarks, thanks to our cutting-edge fabrication unit. We believe in choosing furniture that resonates with personal sentiments and offers enduring beauty


In the Spotlight: Our Distinguished Team's Profiles

Prashanth Mathew


Prashanth Mathew




Your home is your life’s treasure chest. Our dedication to clients fuels our creativity, dispelling market misconceptions. We value clients’ artistry, shaping homes to reflect personalities and styles. Our skilled interior designers provide innovative, functional solutions for attractive living spaces. Our craft involves creating immersive experiences, stirring emotions, and inspiring action. Realism marks only the start; we aim for clients to adore our thoughtfully designed homes.

Transcending the Confines of Dimensions

The paramount factor for a triumphant design lies in its user-friendliness. While aesthetics initially captivate the client’s attention, true satisfaction dawns upon experiencing the ease of functionality. Our mission? To fuse a stunning exterior with seamless usability, for beauty alone is meaningless without practicality.

We embark on a journey of reimagining every nook of your home, hand in hand with your valuable input, igniting our inner creative sparks. Our dynamic Interior Design and Architecture team dives deep into your core requirements and design preferences, integrating our artistic finesse with cutting-edge 3-D modeling and technology to craft designs and spaces that truly resonate with you

We Listen.

We Contemplate.

We Redefine.

We Build



The passion for design and technological expertise led to the establishment of MOLEKULES DESIGN FACTORY in Mumbai in 2005. Initially, the organization primarily focused on furniture manufacturing, achieving excellence in exclusive furniture production and experiencing rapid growth.

To maintain its roots at home, MOLEKULES DESIGN FACTORY expanded its operations to Cochin, Kerala. Continuous dedication to innovation and functional excellence propelled our company to new heights, undertaking projects in residential and commercial sectors. Our project diversity spans corporates, retail, institutions, healthcare, hospitality, and residential spaces, driving our company’s accelerated growth.

Health, Safety & Environmental Management system

Molekules is committed to the safety of everyone who works in our facilities and lives in the communities where we operate or use our products. We strive to provide a healthy and safe
work environment. In keeping with our general quality policy, we have issued a separate health, safety, and environmental policy.

As a leading industry player, we take great care to respect the environment, protect human health, ensure product and facility safety, and promote social and economic development. This is not just a moral and legal responsibility but also a prerequisite for the company and contributes to promotion.

The company requires all of its employees to conduct their activities in such a way that the
health and safety of themselves and all others affected by their actions are safeguarded. It is therefore the policy of the company to take all reasonably practicable measures to prevent personal injury to and avoid hazards to the health of its personnel and other persons involved in or affected by those activities.

We are committed to integrating HSE objectives into our management systems at all levels, enhancing our business success by reducing risk and adding value to our services. We will continuously evaluate our equipment and services’ Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) aspects.

Quality Policy

Molekules provides good quality products/acceptable service with timely delivery and operational excellence. Quality means understanding our client’s requirements and making every effort to surpass them while at the same time complying with quality standards and policies. Our goal is to satisfy our client and to comply not only with the contractual requirements but also to provide excellence in engineering practice.

Quality standard and Criteria: To produce the product that the client wants. Quality system for testing, monitoring & reporting. To complete all projects on time and within budget. To exploit our accumulated knowledge and experience.