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Elevate your business environment with our comprehensive commercial interior design services. Whether it's office spaces or vibrant retail establishments, our designs are meticulously tailored to your unique vision, guaranteeing a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Residential Interior Design

Discover the essence of comfortable living with our residential interior design. Our experts curate spaces that resonate with your individual style, ensuring each element harmonizes seamlessly. From cozy corners to functional elegance, we bring your dream home to life

Health, Safety & Environmental Management system

The passion for design and technological expertise led to the establishment of MOLEKULES DESIGN FACTORY in Mumbai in 2005. Initially, the organization primarily focused on furniture manufacturing, achieving excellence in exclusive furniture production and experiencing rapid growth. 

To maintain its roots at home, MOLEKULES DESIGN FACTORY expanded its operations to Cochin, Kerala. Continuous dedication to innovation and functional excellence propelled our company to new heights, undertaking projects in residential and commercial sectors. Our project diversity spans corporates, retail, institutions, healthcare, hospitality, and residential spaces, driving our company’s accelerated growth.We embark on a journey of reimagining every nook of your home, hand in hand with your valuable input, igniting our inner creative sparks. Our dynamic Interior Design and Architecture team dives deep into your core requirements and design preferences, integrating our artistic finesse with cutting-edge 3-D modeling and technology to craft designs and spaces that truly resonate with you

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Planning to revamp your house or commercial interior? Don’t worry as we weave your dreams with our best interior designers to create a luxurious living for you. With our full potential, we are here to meet your requirements and give a revamp to your new apartment, completely hassle-free. Let’s join hands to make this journey memorable.